Loud brass cutting

I’m using a Nomad 2
This endmill: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FT2LXF9
With 1/4" x 2" C360 BRASS FLAT BAR

The video below shows an Adaptive operation I setup in Fusion360

  • Spindle Speed: 10,000RPM
  • Cutting Federate: 305mm/m
  • Feed per tooth: 0.0305 mm
  • Optimal Load: 0.6mm
  • Stepdown: 0.2mm
  • Feed optimization is on

It is very loud (video: https://streamable.com/7xmy7p) though it did complete with a nice finish. Is this level of noise normal or not?

I tried adjusting feed rate, went as low as 50% and as high as 160% but the noise did not change.

Those numbers look similar to the ones I use on a Nomad 3, though I don’t use fusion and hence no adaptive clearing.

The noise sounds okayish and sort of normal… hard to tell since it depends on how loud I turn up my speakers.

One thing that can really impact the noise is the length of the endmill that sticks out of the collet. I can’t see from the video, but I’d make it as short as you can - so for those endmills, 7mm only.

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Thanks, yeah I have it inserted upto the point it starts to taper so can’t go in any more. I’ve just gotten the low profile vice so going to try that in case it was my work holding.

I cut a reasonable amount of 1/8" x 2" CZ121 (standard european grade of brass that’s suitable for machining) on my Nomad. I think that’s the same stuff as C36000.

I used to clamp exactly like you have, but used four clamps since the brass vibrates against the threaded table since it’s rarely completely flat.

I currently use blue tape and super glue with a delrin wasteboard bolted to the threaded table. It’s hard to know for sure since memory is adaptive, but I think the noise levels are considerably less with this technique.

I tried again and tightened the clamps more and the noise was much lower. Also the brass filings didn’t dance around on the brass/table which shows the vibration was also much lower.

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Another thing to think about with the Nomad (any CNC but especially the smaller ones), is what it is sitting on.

I put down 2 layers of dynomat on the table below my Nomad.

Whatever it is sitting on can easily become a speaker and add to the sound.

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