Loud only when cutting. Pulling my hair out

My 3 XXL has developed an extremely loud screach when cutting anything contour. I have tightened all hardware and have squared all axis’. I have also replaced the end mill bit and even replaced the router but it is still so loud. I used to be able to cut with the garage open but now it’s unbelievably loud. I have also messed with feeds and speeds but I have used the same setup for nearly 2 years with nothing this loud before. I have a video of the noise but I’m unsure of how to upload it…

Bearing going out. Most probably

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In Josh’s post he says he replaced the router.

What material are you cutting? Post an example file and the gcode. if the files are too big you can zip them and upload.

A video would help too. When mine was making some weird noise it was one of the idler pulleys being a bit loose.


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