Lumber prices - interesting article

I can’t look at the internet without seeing a meme about lumber prices.

I find economics very interesting and had an email from the hustle which looks at a whole host of things, Sundays email covered lumber prices.

Well worth a read over a coffee.


I will note that the pricing is a bit more stable if you can purchase directly from a sawmill — well worth looking one up — or, if you’re in a suitable locale w/ a suitable yard and so forth, get a chainsaw mill.

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Yep, it’s been a bit frustrating while trying to use “cheap” 2x4x8’s and realizing I should look at other less expensive materials or scavenge what I can from leftover remodel projects.

However, it seems that prices are coming down for consumers. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve seen 2x4x8 prices go from $12.50 down to $9! Here’s to hoping we can get under $6 before the end of the summer.


Needless to say I’m building my enclosure at the wrong time… total cost up 377% what it should have cost.

The crazy part is that it is a global phenomenon, the increased demand for lumber during the pandemic are driving prices up everywhere.

Maybe use PVC pipe or Galvanized fence post for framing.?

Interestingly True Baltic Birch plywood (5’ x 5’ sheets) has not gone up in price. Neither have hardwoods. It is construction grade materials that have seen the increase.

Galvanized fence posts and True Baltic Birch - may start a new trend :slight_smile:


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But the lumber prices are now collapsing….

I have a good stock of hardwoods so I have not been shooping lately for hardwood.

Any ideas for recycling of wood for our uses?

I used to have a Habit for Humanity Restore store but they closed. I bought quite a bit of hardwood in there. I keep my eye on craigslist but have not had any luck lately.

Where do you hunt for bargins?

And am I taking crazy pills or did 12/2 wire always cost $2/ft? I just need a 6" piece for a pigtail and the lowest price I can get is $28 for a 15ft length of Romex.

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