M02/M30 command

In the Vcarve Shapeoko post processor it sends an M02 (equivalent of M30). This causes the machine to move off of 0,0 to a position higher in Y. I’d like to stop that “automatic behavior”. I can easily remove the M02 and substitute commands in the post processor. Looking at M30 it does the following functions (from a previous Shapeoko forum post by RobCee).

M30 command will perform the following actions:

  1. Change from Auto mode to MDI mode (Manual Data Input).
  2. Origin offsets are set to the default (like G54).
  3. Selected plane is set to XY plane (like G17).
  4. Distance mode is set to absolute mode (like G90).
  5. Feed rate mode is set to units per minute (like G94).
  6. Feed and speed overrides are set to ON (like M48).
  7. Cutter compensation is turned off (like G40).
  8. The spindle is stopped (like M5).
  9. The current motion mode is set to feed (like G1).
  10. Coolant is turned off (like M9).

Which of those commands do I really need to do at the end of a job to prepare for the next job? And which of the commands there is moving the carriage up the Y direction at the end of the job?

I believe M30 is interpreted by Carbide Motion and slightly different commands are sent — to get exactly what you want you will probably need to change the G-Code yourself.

So what does Carbide Morion and the Shapeoko do with the M02 or M30 commands?

My goal is to change the commands by the post-processor and let CM send those.

Their is a manual on how to edit the post in the vectric files location. Its not as hard as it sounds. I edited mine to pause at the end for 5 sec. to allow me to turn off the router before it homed to the rear of the machine.

Post_Processor_Guide.pdf (1.6 MB)
here is that guide if you need it.

I know how to edit the postprocessor included commands. I want to understand what the current M02 command being included in the g-code is actually doing in CM or the CNC so I know how to change the post processor.

The problem as I understand it is, Carbide Motion sees the M02 or M30, then sends a series of commands to make the machine move as Carbide 3D wants.

You’ll need to replace M02 or M30 with the commands which you want instead, or use a different communication / control tool which interprets them as you desire.

You can check this by opening the Log window, sending a short program, then examining the Log.

So which commands does Carbide Motion translate the M02 command into? If I knew that I could figure out what to keep and what to trash. I’ll check the log and see what it shows and update this.

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