MacBook Air to run SO3 XXL

Hello All,

I will be upgrading the MacBook Pro on my Shapeoko3 XXL. It’s a circa 2012 model, and its starting to slow down.

I’m wondering if there are any known issues running a newer Mac with the Shapeoko3? I’m mostly concerned with the USB C connection and having to use adapters.

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Plan on ordering later today or tomorrow.


I use the Macbook with the USB-C adapter that has the USB-USBC-HDMI splitter and it works great. USB goes to machine, USB-C for power, HDMI to screen and I use a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep the computer closed so no dust gets in it.


I use a 2020 MacBook Air with my Shapeoko XL and it works great. Since the new MacBooks have USB-C connectors, I bought these to use with the Shapeoko USB cable:

4 months now and zero issues.


@Derrick1468 and @ScottsdaleSteve thanks for your response and link to the goodies.

That’s exactly what I needed to know.

I have it on the Apple bag fully loaded!