Mach 3 work with Carbide 3D

(Marco P Molina) #1


Does anyone know if Mach 3 work with Carbide 3D?

I am using MeshCAM 6 with my Carbide 3D and it takes forever to do “calculate setup”.

Thank you!

(William Adams) #2

Mach 3 is a machine controller usually used with breakout boards attached to parallel ports. I don’t believe it’s intended for use with machines running a subset of G-Code on an independent controller attached over USB.

I believe MeshCAM has markedly improved since v6 — update?

(Marco P Molina) #3

Thank you Will.

No, I have not done a MeshCAM update.

Is it a normal thing for MeshCAM to take a long time to calculate the setup?

(William Adams) #4

Depending on the complexity of the file it may be. You should contact for more information, also to check on the licensing involved in updating.

(Marco P Molina) #5

I just emailed them. I will check on the licensing. Thank you very much