Mach 3 work with Carbide 3D


Does anyone know if Mach 3 work with Carbide 3D?

I am using MeshCAM 6 with my Carbide 3D and it takes forever to do “calculate setup”.

Thank you!

Mach 3 is a machine controller usually used with breakout boards attached to parallel ports. I don’t believe it’s intended for use with machines running a subset of G-Code on an independent controller attached over USB.

I believe MeshCAM has markedly improved since v6 — update?

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Thank you Will.

No, I have not done a MeshCAM update.

Is it a normal thing for MeshCAM to take a long time to calculate the setup?

Depending on the complexity of the file it may be. You should contact for more information, also to check on the licensing involved in updating.

I just emailed them. I will check on the licensing. Thank you very much

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