Machine calibration

Is it possible to have a complete procedure for the machine calibration? I have no idea where to enter the values for machine calibration.

And is it possible to calibrate in inches?

What is incomplete about: ?

EDIT: which has now moved to:

To access Grbl, bring up the MDI window by typing M Then type in the values and send them.

I believe due to memory constraints, Grbl only does metric internally. You can convert, do the calculations to calibrate in Imperial, then convert back to metric to enter.

That link is good for setting travel calibration but is missing the following:

  1. Squaring the frames (making X, Y and Z perpendicular to one another). This is not as easy as it may seem.
  2. Adding supports under the bed so it doesn’t sag under load. The XXL sags almost 0.025" with light loading (a light one finger push)
  3. Checking all pulleys and wheels for adjustment and tightness because they are most likely misadjusted and or loose as they come from C3D. Quality control is nonexistent as of April 2016. Hopefully they are working on that serious issue.
  4. Tramming the bed
  5. Proper belt tensioning
  6. Running calibration shapes to test setups
  7. Higher precision collet options

All of that is on the wiki.

But its not in the link you mentioned.

I think the Wiki is great but I tend to avoid going there unless you post a link to a specific problem because it has too much information. Its sort of a repository of everything everyone thinks and tries so it takes a LOT of sifting to figure out what’s good and what’s not. I realize no one is paid to maintain the Wiki so I’m not complaining at all. I just find it painful to go there unless I see a link posted for a specific problem. Its very helpful when I finally get to the right information and I appreciate all the sacrifice that has gone into building it up.

It would be great if C3D would just make a comprehensive setup and maintenance manual for each machine that includes details about everything needed to build, calibrate and test and troubleshoot each machine with nothing more or less than is needed to make good parts.




I don’t know wtf a wiki is

Some instructional bits on carbide create would also be helpful

FWIW, there have been a number of people who have complained about the wiki when first beginning, then, gone back to it and found it a useful resource after gaining familiarity w/ the concepts and terminology.

I believe that the text would be tedious if it were written so that each article were approachable by a novice, but for some reason, almost no one reads the introductory pages:

Similarly, the glossary gets glossed over:

If there’s some bit of information or a concept which you’re curious of which you can’t find on the wiki, please let us know.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

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@WillAdams Your links to Wiki articles when addressing specific questions on the forum have been the most helpful to me. It takes the time out of trying to navigate and filter through info. Thanks again for all the help you provide on this forum.

I agree, and think that this forum has been the most help I have found for trying to get any info on these machines.
@WillAdams, @rwizard, @Randy have all been a great help! If it were not for these folks, I would be even more in the weeds than I already am. The help I have received here has been indispensable. Thanks to all!!!

I will take some more time and read trough the links provided! Thank You all for your continued support!
I was just wondering why this info was so difficult to find.

Every other machine I have ever worked with has had some kind of book, or manual I could go through. This digital age seems to be a pain in the posterior for us old folk!

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dead link is what is wrong with this now… lol

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I have edited in the new link.