Machine center location

if i rapid to the machine center and set it to 0,0,0 i should be able to travel 8" in x and -8 in Y if the cutting area is 16x16 but why do i crash when going to the y location.
im trying to find the outer most points of my work area

Please see:

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There are several factors to movement on a Shapeoko. The first is the version of CM you are using. Over time Carbide3d has changed the max travel (soft limits) which they enforce when jogging. Now these soft limits are not enforced if you command through gcode to go beyond the limits of a particular model and the results is a crash into the rails and the horrible grinding of the belt slipping.

Attached is a pdf of a document I created about creating a new wasteboard. In the instructions is a way to discover your machine limits and create a wasteboard that is within the limits of the machine.

You can change parameters to get a little more travel but not much. The current maximum travel stops short of the physical limitations to allow dust collection that is wider than the Z carriage. Enjoy

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

very helpful thank you

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