Machine freezes randomly and won’t pause when I tell it to

Hi everyone for a while now I’ve been experiencing some weird little electrical gremlins with my shapeoko. Sometimes during my job, it will randomly stop while it is in the middle of a cut. This started happening a few months ago, but it was rare maybe one out of every six cuts it would happen. It hasn’t done it in a while but today I had a weird issue where I hit pause and it just kept cutting and then it randomly stopped 10 seconds later but a bit did not retract like it usually does. The endmill was just spinning in the cut. This caused me to panic as I already pressed the pause button and it wouldn’t let me press it again and the machine was just doing its thing for a bit. Any ideas on what this might be? I have a shapeoko 4 xxl, about 300 hours of cutting on it and I’ve already bought and installed a maintenance kit

Have you replaced the brushes in the router recently? As they wear down, they will start throwing out a lot more electrical interference before they quit working.

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I use a hyuanyang water cooled spindle

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