Machine Problem - Circles won't cut properly

Hi all!

I have an issue with my Shapeoko 3 XL and I see I’m not the first one to experience this issue. All my circles come out as squiggly lemons. It was suggested in an earlier thread that this might be because of a dead stepper motor, but I am having problems finding a guide on how to test if the motors are working correctly.


Power down, remove both Y-axis belts, then put bit of tape on the pulleys to more easily see their rotation, then power up, connect and try to initialize — the Z-axis should lift and home as expected, the X-axis should begin homing and the Y-axis motors should turn until they time out — do they turn evenly and in synch?

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Apologize for the syrupy response!

I Will try this out first thing in the morning (different timezone over here).
I’ll get back to you with the findings.