Machine Stops Under Load

This only seems to happen when I use a larger bit like the 1/4" End Mill and the bit is under load like cutting out.
Starts cutting fine, then about 1/2 way through the first pass, machine stops & RED error code reads
ERROR (1): GRBL ERROR: Serial Port UnknownError - Reset & rehome, it cuts about another third more, then happens again…
Wierd, machine runs flawless any other time. I have eliminated static grounding & have a good static ground system (I think).


Does this happen if you run this file as an air job ? It could allow to figure out if it really is linked to mechanical load ?

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What machine? (Nomad? Shapeoko?)

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Is it possible that vibrations from the cut using a larger endmill causes your disconnect maybe because of a loose wire or USB port?


Good suggestion, I will try that.

Shapoko XXL with a Makita Router

That is my thought, I am watching the machine as it works to determine. I isolated the USB cord so it is away from other cords

I have posted my fix for the USB cable before. I used a wire tie anchor (sticky back pad) and secured the usb cable with some slack so it is isolated from movement of the machine. My USB port on the controller is sloppy and needs to be replaced at some point in the future. This stopped any disconnects of the USB for me.

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