Machines shipping now with GRBL 1.1 on the board?

Can anyone confirm this? Someone mentioned in the Facebook group that they called support and was told that they come ready to go for CM 4. I’ve obviously already got a machine and have updated to 1.1 / CM 4, but want to make sure there is not bad info out there.

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If it’s not you should update it. 1.1 is stable

Yes, the change was made shortly before the second batch of Probes began shipping — Grbl 1.1 on the boards, folks should d/l and use Carbide Motion 4.

If you’re satisfied with Carbide Motion 3 and don’t need Grbl 1.1-specific features or to use the Probe, no need to update.

So just to be clear, I just ordered my Shapeoko XXL. I should have the current hardware. On my system I have CC build 313 and for CM I have build 4.0.412.

I should be good to go, right?

Yes, your system should have included a red slip of paper indicating it was Grbl 1.1. If not, and it shipped with Grbl 0.9, and you get an error to that effect using CM4 just update using

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