Machining 5000 series Aluminium plate questions

I’ve cut a reasonable number of parts in 6082 / 6083 T6 alloys of various thicknesses and had some OK results using just dry cutting and dust extraction on mostly single flute DLC cutters.

How different is a 5000 series cast tooling plate to machine?

Am I likely to get away with dry coated cutters or will I need a lubricant spray in an air blast or other assistance to avoid gumming up or finish problems?



I’ve had no issues milling 5083 dry with single-flute endmills but I haven’t tried multi-flute.

IIRC drilling it was a giant pain in the ass though. 6082 worked just fine with the same drill but 5083 always caused things to go to shit after a few mm of depth.


What was happening with the drilling? Vibration and the drill jumping and bouncing? (which I’ve had when I tried drills too big in the SO3)

I’ve bored and tapped a buttload of holes in 5083, also known as ATP5.

I used a diamond coated single flute to bore the holes. 24k, 600mm/min, .5mm pitch, climb direction. Cut dry with air to clear chips.

I’d be curious to hear if you have success drilling, something I still need to learn.

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I was using flat drills. They basically just choked up until the spindle overloaded.

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My settings for ATP5 and 6061 are identical. I don’t do any drilling though, just boring.


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