Machining a Topographic Model in Carbide Create Pro

Hey folks, here’s a simple way to make a topographic carving using Carbide Create Pro.

The site I got my height map from:


Thank you, Winston! I have been looking for a straightforward way to do this, can’t wait to try it out!


there’s also many sites that give you an STL, and there’s some tools to convert STL to heightmap PNGs for CC PRO


I decided a few years ago, with a bit of math and programming know-how, to write my own software for generating toolpaths so that I could help fill my wife’s Etsy shop with her own graphic-designs, except carved out of wood. I’ve been developing a program named “PixelCNC” which directly loads and toolpaths off models and images of the usual formats, without needing to convert from models to images or vice-versa. It allows for compositing multiple images, models, and text together as well as generating shapes and forms from vectors/splines that can be loaded, drawn, or traced from images/models/text. It’s geared toward art-centric CNC projects like relief carvings, v-carvings, engravings and the like, but with the goal of also being able to do things nothing else can (otherwise why bother?)

PixelCNC is currently in its alpha phase of development and while it includes reference documentation which explains everything exposed via the user interface it is completely lacking in any kind of learning resources such as tutorials and “how-to” example projects, which would also serve to demonstrate the variety of works that it can be used to create. We’re quickly approaching the first beta release this July and I’m becoming a bit more motivated to start seeking out more users to test it out and provide any feedback they have to help guide development goals. In spite of there being a complete dearth of learning resources I am almost always available to help newcomers figure things out if they’re not afraid to message me, here or elsewhere. At any rate, if anyone who sees this gets a chance to check it I’d really appreciate any kind of feedback you might have, positive or negative, I just want to know what you think! Thanks in advance :slight_smile: