Machining Silicon / Electrical Steel sheets

Hi! Somewhat of an odd question, I am trying to machine Grain Oriented Silicon Steel sheets (grade M1). These are very thin ~0.3mm. I am thinking of stacking them and machining them on the nomad. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work apart from steel being difficult to machine. Does any one have thoughts on cutter coating and speeds and feeds?

I would not stack them. I expect that there would be a lot of vertical movement while cutting because they are so thin. For speeds and feeds, I know Winston did a video on machining tool steel which would probably serve as a good starting point. I know you will probably want a small multi-flute endmill.



How about gluing them to a substrate for machining and then releasing them with heat / solvent after the machining is complete?

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I like the glueing idea, maybe some acrylic or ABS based glue that dissolves in Acetone. Machining each sheet individually would take too much time.

It would only be quicker to stack if you’re considering a depth of cut more than 0.3mm (the thickness of each sheet). Do you think you’ll be doing more than 0.3mm DOC with steel?

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