Machining Work Holding

Here’s what I’m working with,
I have a Nomad Pro.
I do have a low pro vise.
I do have the threaded plate.

I have several things I’m anxious to machine but they are things that I would need to flip once for the second operation. I’m thinking that an aluminum plate with reliefs cut out for machining the parts and a set of location pins or screws to be able to flip the material for the second op.

I need help with a couple of things.

Is there a drawing of the Carbide3D threaded plate for me to easily locate holes to hold down the aluminum part plate?

Where can I learn how to design these project-specific plates to produce the parts I’ve designed? I suppose I need to go back to school for CAM.

In all of my situations, I’m looking to machine a sheet of G10 or Carbon Fiber. (I’m aware of the respiratory issues and have those covered). Affix sheet, run Op 1, flip sheet, run Op 2. I suppose I could run other materials too, but these are the ones I’m working on at the moment.


There are entire books written on workholding and fixture design and the community has put together some references at:

For an elegant design for a plate see:

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I just use flip pins on my MDF wasteboard. I have looked at doing more advanced things, but it works for now.
Winston did a video where he made custom fixturing that might be a worthwhile place to start.


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