Made a storage thing for the bathroom

Not a crazy ground breaking project, but I knocked this up last night, it’s a organiser for the bathroom stuff that is always on the side.

Made from 20mm thick white oak and a 1/4 cutter - I wanted a modern look so opted for 5.6mm sides. Cutting to show the grain at the end.

All in took less then a hour from design to sitting in the bathroom.


I like it, a place for everything and everything in its place!

I like it, what did you finish it with? I have wanted to do something similar, but am worried about water/soap etc warping or damaging the wood. Love the design

Thanks, the wood is white oak and I used a wax to finish it off - it needed a couple of coats but few months on it still looks new. The great thing about the wax is it makes the natural finish look really nice.