Made an eagle for the 4th


Very nice work. What apps did you use to generate and cut?


Thanks,I used vcarve desktop and carbide motion and asked my friend @jdg3 a bujillion questions :slight_smile:


What a perfect idea for the 4th!
Came out excellent, and I’m more than glad to help :wink:


also g wizard is a must


Seriously cool, and more!


Great stuff, sir. I got serious today and decided to finally perform X/Y/Z calibrations… lo and behold, no Z-belt tension screw on my carriage?

How are you liking your VCarve software?

Thanks @jimidi I like it alot so far,its only the desktop version but seems to do everything i would want.

Tension screw? as in you had the orginal s3 like me and upgraded to xxl? I dont have that nifty feature either,been asking about it but to be honest as much as ive asked here and in emails no one seems to care,I for one would love to adjust it like that. but can get a little tension out of the motor and the lower pully if needed.

Thanks @YoMan was a fun day.

Yes sir, a tension screw. It’s shown here as a standard part of the Z-drive assembly:

My machine never had one and I don’t remember ever adjusting it…

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yeah you have the same plate as me =no tensioner

I have the correct plate, just no screw:

wow ur in way better shape than me.quick trip to the hardware store and you are fixed

Nice job.
1/8" ball used for the finish pass or something smaller?

Thank you,Yeah it was the 1/8

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You’ll need an M4x20mm Socket Head screw.