Made myself a control unit :D

As I have alluded to in a few previous posts I made a control system for my machine where all my large items are controlled by solid state relays - 2 reasons for this.

  • It removes the chance of a arc on the neutral line
  • It gives me control from the front of the machine

I started a project last week to tidy up the buttons and came up with this.

It has 5 switches, 3 buttons and 8 LED’s.

Switch 1: Control Board Power
Switch 2: Motor power
Switch 3: Spindle/Pump
Switch 4: Dust extraction
Switch 5: 15w lazer

Button 1: Play or go
Button 2: Pause/stop
Button 3: Reset board

It’s not my first time milling 1.5mm aluminium but was the first time doing it on my new machine. Also my first time using a 1.2mm mill end.


And here it is in action - after hooking it up to 4 solid state relays:


Well as usual, that looks far smarter than my solution of drilling holes in the sheet metal and running the wires inside the extrusions;

GRBL power is on the right hand switch, in theory keeping me from accidentally shutting it off in a panic when I leap for the router’s switch :slight_smile:


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