Made the 1st Baby step for my Shapeoko

Tonight I ordered my Dewalt router and Suckit Dust boot. This should seal my footsteps towards my Shapeoko.
I’ve entertained the suggestions of upgrading to a spindle but I’m trying to keep things simple and low budget for now. Being in Canada everything always cost twice as much as what you can find online…lol. I think I have my dust control issues sorted out except for the noise which is what it is for now( gotta deal with the wife)

This is going to be about a $4-5K investment so I’m just trying to do it once.



That’s great to hear (the ordering, not stuff being expensive).

One thing which will help a lot on the noise front is a quiet vacuum — I upgraded to a Festool CT Midi and it’s greatly extended the hours I can use my machine (used to pretty much only be when the rest of the family was out of the house, now it’s pretty much anytime).

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