Magnetic Emergency Saves Problem

I have a magnetic emergency power switch. A couple of nights ago we had a pretty good storm blow through. I was cutting a project when the lights flickered 3 times. When the mag switch lost power it cut power to Shapeoko and router. The Shapeoko lost connection to laptop but more importantly the router was powered off. I was just starting cutout of a pushstick that was the last of 4 on a single board. Opened cc and disabled other tool paths and made new tp to cut out last part.

Without the mag switch I would have lost contact with Shapeoko but with power restored the router would have stayed where it was but would have began rotating.

Glad I installed the mag switch with emergency stop switch because I have used it a couple of times. You can hit pause but finding the pause button and the delay can be bad.


Come on, Guy, get you a UPS. If I was cutting the same 4 pushsticks, I would have just powered through the last one without stopping. :wink: The rest of the workshop would be dark, but my machine wouldn’t even know it. Has happened to me several times.

(That was a really bad storm, but we are far enough south of your area to have only registered an inch of rain. :slight_smile: )

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