Maintenance Kit for Shapkeoko Pro?

Hello. I need to replace the belts and pulleys on my Shapeoko Pro XXL. I can’t seem to find a maintenance kit for this version of the machine. Support said they would find out but I have not heard back.

Any advice?

Please accept our apologies for the discontinuity of communication.

Please see:

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Thanks Will. If I need to replace the belt clips, pulleys, etc, how can I go about acquiring those?

Let us know at and we’ll work out how to handle it.

It would be awesome if you all sold just the linear guide oil and droppers in a kit on their own. I have an HDZ on my Shapeoko 3 and buying a gallon jug of oil is a massive waste of money.

They’re in the Maintenance Kit for the Pro (along w/ belting)

Thirty dollars for two ounces of oil, a few pipettes, and three belts you’ll never use.
Here’s an ebay seller that will sell you a quart, add shipping for twenty bucks. MOBIL VACTRA WAY OIL #2 QUART For BRIDGEPORT, HAAS MILLS & HARDINGE LATHES | eBay

I just bought a pint of vectra oil #2 from Amazon.

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