Make a round name sign

Customer wants this sign

With these details: Taylor - Caleb and Kaitlyn EST. 2023. No size specified. (I’m guessing 24")


Draw a 24" circle, and then the 4 lines of text in the font & size desired.
I used: “T” Imprint MT Shadow 16"
First Names: Century Schoolbook 2.2"
Last Name: Modern No. 20 3.5"
Date: Gill Sans MT 1.5"
Adjust the vertical position, then use Align Vectors → Align Centers → Horizontal image
to get them centered left-right

I copied the “T” and moved the copy off the workpiece to keep a copy as text in case I want to change something later. Subtracting the middle bit will convert it to curves.

Draw in a rectangle around the first names. Make it longer/wider than the names.

Now draw another rectangle as wide as the names, and taller than the previous rectangle.

Select the taller rectangle & the letter “T”, and unite them

Leave the united vectors selected, and then also select the shorter rectangle, and subtract



Todd, could you expand on the toolpaths? What tools did you use? Contour, V-Carve? Depths?

I didn’t do toolpaths. The request was how to design it.
I would probably adv. vcarve with a 90 or 60

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