Make what you need...bench dog

So, I’m deep into making my first, proper workbench. Going to have a two-screw end vice so I’ll need bench dogs to get the full benefit of the investment in the vice. OK, googled ‘em, WOW, steel dogs are expensive! I’ll make my own (un-steel), thank you.

A few minutes in F360, a few more in CM, on the third try I came up with this. Not sure of the glue joint for the “spring” but seems good at this point anyway. I’ll leave it compressed in a hole for a few days.

Love having the SO3 in my shop!


I like it. Clean and functional, as well as the midcentury modern look.

Glue joint will probably hold up just fine, but it looks like you have enough room for a small screw near the bottom as a backup.

If it was me, I might have forgone the glue and just used a pinch dog/staple at the bottom into the end grain, but I have about 1000 in a couple useful sizes that came with the knob-and-tube wiring in my house (the 1900-1920 heavy staples used to hold the wire and armor. 18Ga stamped steel)