Make your own Dust Boot - After all, you have the machine!

As we know, not all Dust Boots fit all hose attachments. Sometimes I find it hard to justify spending money on something I can make. The more I think about it, it’s more like a challenge. All I needed was a piece of wood, some cheap chip brushes from Harbor Freight, wood glue, earth magnets and a bolt and wing nut.


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Disclaimer - I have purchased the Sweepy 2.0 from Carbide3d and like it

But… I make jigs for my woodworking hobby and appreciate this type of inventiveness.



I bought a sweepy also. Just thought I’d have a try at making my own.


There is one disadvantage that you should watch for with your new dust boot.

Place it on a scale and compare its weight to the plastic ones.

The difference is added mass that the Z axis has to move around. As long as it doesn’t have to do it quickly, you may never see a difference.

However, if you start seeing some problems with Z-zero skips, you might investigate the added weight.

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Thanks for the caution. I usually keep my feeds and speeds under the speed limit which is probably why I haven’t experienced any skips. Have been using my dust boot for 2 years now and what I like the most is the soft bristle brushes. I pay very close attention to the height of the boot in relation to the mill too.

Another solution might be to design a dust boot that doesn’t attach to the router itself. That would keep the added mass weight off the Z axis and possibly avoid Z-zero skips. I’ll put my wood boot on my scale and weigh it. I do have some acrylic in the shop that I might try to make one out of. Thanks for the heads up.

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Or try for a dust boot that does that.


How did you put the “cheap chip brush” bristles into the wood?
I see the photo with the brush and the dust collector brush but still can’t see how you did it?

While designing the bottom half, I included a 1/8 slot groove continuously around. I took apart the chip brushes and the bristles fit in the 1/8 groove and and secured them in with wood glue. Don’t cut the bristles off, just use the 1, 2 or 3 inch length. Wasn’t hard at all.