Making a cribbage board from a file on Etsy

as requested on support…

Given a file:

We start by going to “Job Setup” (gear icon):

setting the parameters as desired — for more on this see:

Then select everything:

and use the “Scale” tool to resize as desired:


Group Vectors

Align Vectors

aligning to the center of the stock:

Ungroup Vectors:

and separate the elements onto separate layers by the type of objects/intended tool path.

One possible way to arrange/divide things would be:



Oddly one section seems to be missing, so we dupe the other side:

Draw a rectangle to align against:

Select the replacement geometry:

shift-click on the new geometry:

and align to the center:

Then de-select the replacement geometry:

and delete the rectangle used for alignment:

and move the replacement geometry onto the correct layer:

For the next step it will help to either hide or lock the geometry which has already been organized:

Make a new layer for the Logo:

and move the logo geometry to it:

Similarly make layers for text/numbers:

and lastly the holes:

With everything on its own layer, things may be unhidden:

and toolpaths assigned.

Since everything is on a separate layer, one may create toolpaths and associate each with a suitable layer:

Advanced VCarve



VCarve | Select by Layer


Contour | Select by Layer

using a #302 to a depth of 0.0625" with No Offset


Contour | Select by Layer


Using a #302 to a depth of 0.125" with No Offset

Lastly a Drill toolpath | Select by Layer:

Using a suitable tool at suitable feeds and speeds to a suitable depth with suitable settings (test in a piece of scrap and consider: Cribbage Pin Kit - Carbide 3D )

which all previews as:

Because the geometry came in at a very small size, it is rather jagged:

This may be easily addressed by duplicating it (so that the original may serve as a reference)

and then locking the original layer:

Hiding all the other layers:

allows selecting all

and Node Editing

the duplicates on the Default layer.

Select the redundant nodes by quadrants:

and delete

repeating for each quadrant:

Once we are down to the bare essential nodes select them all:

and “Toggle Smooth”

Drag the off-curve nodes around until the Duplicate geometry smoothly recreates the curves:

Adjusting and fine-tuning until one arrives at:

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Delete the originals and move the new geometry to the layer and one instead gets:

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