Making a Custom Hot Sauce Rack

They say picture is worth a thousand words.

This is one of those projects that needs no background, its existence is unquestionable.

The Video:

Like most amazing Hot Sauce Racks, this one requires the following:

  1. All of your personal- and closest friend’s most favorite Hot Sauces.
  2. One section of wooden dowel longer than a paper towel roll.
  3. A sheet of Dibond with a dent on any 2 opposing corners, any color 16" x 16".
  4. That lazy susan from Ikea you thought would make a good turnatable for a photo shoot.
  5. Exactly 18 M6 x 50 bolts
  6. One perfectly good wood screw
  7. Metal tubing cut into 18 sections of 1.37" lengths.
  8. An old Trophy
  9. A Shapeoko 3 equipped with a .125" square endmill
  10. An impending Taco Lunch with the Team.

Screenshot of the design in Carbide Create

Spice Rack Ring.c2d (200.9 KB)

The Key to the whole project; the Spice Rack Divider Ring.
Note the work holding setup used on the S3 to cut it.

I drilled 5mm holes into the Ikea turnatable using the divider ring as a template.
No need for bolts or threading, I used some epoxy in the holes and then drilled the M6 bolts right into the wood.
Spacers are cut from a tube on the bandsaw.

One more look at “ol Spicey”



To be tagged under “how-to” or “tutorials” also? :wink: That’s a pretty baller rack @ApolloCrowe!

I have a friend who probably has enough hot-sauces to justify such a gift.


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You gotta love it. Very nice job.