Making a HY VFD and a CW-3000 more quiet

So my spindle is very quiet… but the VFD and CW-3000 cooler were not. Those had LOUD fans that always ran full speed.

One can do creative things with dimmer controls/etc…

but I’ve been doing something much more simple. @Julien noted that in reality the cooling is not needed except for the most extreme cuts, so I got a few (inexpensive) Normally Open Bimetal Temperature switches… one for 40C (for the VFD cooling block) and one at 30C for the water cooler. These come in different shapes and temperatures… the thin one fits perfectly inbetween the fins of the cooling block inside my VFD, and the round one is easy to tape (with thermal tape + thermal glue) to the water cooling side…

And it means the fans are OFF until they really need to kick in

This is so simple and inexpensive that i’m surprised these aren’t just default…

(I realize the part numbers aren’t quite in focus, the thin one is KSD9700 and the round one is KSD301)


Which makes me realize, I never reported on the one I installed in my VFD a few months ago. Well I confirm it works perfectly, and is indeed so simple and cheap that I should have installed one earlier.

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