Making handle bar controls

I’m working on some handle bar controls, and posted on here about my saddle washers. This idea has now developed further and I’m working on a couple of prototypes. I figured I’d post on here as I’m now milling aluminium with 1/16 end mills - something I had not attempted before.

Here is V1

As you can see whilst it has the basic layout there is excessive chatter on the top and bottom edges. Initially I was unsure why - I was running at the lowest spindle speed - 1, I was going at 0.2mm DOC but I was going quite fast. For this design I used 8mm thick aluminium and milled from the back - then planed the top where the buttons went.


Now V2 is a revised design, I sank the buttons, made it slightly smaller, I also added tiny 2mm screw holes to support it being screwed onto some bars. Now this one is not finished, but I wanted to show you guys how it was made differently. Rather then milling from the underside I started with 15mm plate - allowing me to mill much deeper and keep it secured to it’s on sacrificial aluminium plate. I milled from the top, starting with a face pass - onto the big counter sunk holes, then to the 8mm bore holes 13mm deep. I then went for a roughing pass around leaving 0.3mm. I then went onto do a DOC at 1mm - but shaving off the 0.3mm - as you will see the chatter is much much better, all be it there is some. I then took it slow and milled the 4mm recess and then the 2mm holes deeper. There is some run off on the smaller holes and I believe this is due to using a 6mm end in my 1/4 collet with some electrical tape.

Now because it’s milled from 15mm thick plate it’s left stuck to the plate with around 1/1.5mm of plate remaining - this leaves the part securely mounted. To remove it, I just Dremel around it then flip and place it in a clamp and plane the surface down 0.25mm at a time :smiley:

I still need to mill the rear - and plan on looking at that today, but I’m finding this a very interesting project.

I have a new design of the part and rather than using 1 cleaning pass, I have 2 - first leaving 0.5, then 0.2.


So I had some lazy morning milling and flipped it over to mill the underside. Now this would have been allot easier if Carbide Motion supported a custom probe, or Carbide 3d released the probe. I ended up using my own, and faffing with probing for 20min…

Anyway, milling went well after finding that datum and I pocket milled the inside then using a 1/4 flat bit took our the curvature. I then went on to use a ball bit to tidy it up, then gave it a quick polishing with some 240 grit.

Prototype 2 complete and onto the changes.



Really nice attention to detail. I like how professional these push buttons look. How are they held in place? (It doesn’t look like you tapped those holes.)


I’m at a standstill now as my S3 has just bitten the dust for the day :frowning:

The small M2 screws will feed into tapped holes in the handle bars - the bars I’m using for the mock up are some old ones and not the actual bars I will be using when the time comes


Very Nice fit and finish! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Right but how are the buttons held in the slots?

they have nuts on the back