Making Money for Makers

I had a thought that it might be nice for those wanting to make money with their existing or new Carbide 3D toy to have a category in the forum dedicated to projects to help others make money by sharing what is working for them.

Example: I have sold basic serving trays, 14X18 using 0.75 surfacing bit, a 0.75 bowl bit and a 0.125 down cut bit for cut out.

A picture added might be cool.

I’d personally say not to include the CC file necessarily because I think makers should be able to create their own for the best learning experience. They can always ask and get the best quality help in the forum. Should they want to share the file using CutRocket that is another story.

Other thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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Should you agree or even disagree go ahead and post as such.

We already have that. Its called “ETSY” … :smiley:

I think it’s a well-intentioned idea, but “commoditizes” the creativity and hard work that goes into designing a product and manufacturing process.

One thing that creators in the 3D printing community often see is their model being download and printed/resold without any form of attribution or compensation on platforms like eBay/etsy.

For CNC jobs, even more time and resources go into developing the product, so if you give that away you’re essentially giving others free license to undercut you since they don’t have to pay/work for that development, and you’re flooding the marketplace with lookalikes from those who are more interested in making money than designing a high-quality product.

All this is to say that those who would contribute to such a forum should understand the risk to their trade, and thus the interest simply may not be there. By all means, though, you are welcome to share your design files and projects if you wish to allow others to reuse.

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On a separate note: if you are a designer, there may be some sort of market to “contract out” jobs to hobbyists on the forum.

But without any sort of legal intervention, there’s a high risk of miscommunication in the expectations of the production, which may result in both parties feeling wronged and souring of the relationships/community at large.

If anyone has any problems creating files, whether for personal use, or to make things to sell, let us know at and we will do our best to assist.

There are a number of projects up at:

and I can’t recall that there are any licensing restrictions/limitations — ideally, if folks want to share projects, that’s where we’d like to see them placed — that said, a matching forum thread or post would be fine.

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Etsy is one avenue yes, but with that if you have a good product you will end up getting 100 copycats. It is possible to even then make money.

Cut Rocket is good for acquiring projects or ideas. I have posted one or two things there with the intent of sharing the files with others.

I think I was looking for more of, how does one find out about, Makers Markets, Flea Markets, Farmers Markets and such outside the area or even in the area. I seem to find out about things as they happen or after the fact.

Is anyone using Facebook or have their own website? What about Twitter, Instagram or YouTube? What type advertising are you doing if any?

These type topics are what I think would be helpful to those new to the game.

Does this make sense?


My previous comment was meant to be facetious at best, and sarcastic at worst. Etsy (and probably here on this forum to some extent) is not a place to “share” your efforts to create products for personal income. Keep your money makers “close to the vest”, and you’ll do fine.

There, is that clear enough? :smiley:


Oh, you are a SMART A??. I should have recognized that since I am one in the same. :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing:


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