Making puzzle pieces

Given a set of puzzle pieces which don’t quite fit:

One makes them fit by re-drawing things so as to take the tool diameter into account — tool depth should take into account the stock thickness and the length of the cutting flutes, so if working with stock almost 1" thick, it wouldn’t be appropriate to use a #102 which only has 1/2" cutting flute length, so we will instead use a 1/4" tool:

Then draw in geometry for the puzzle:

Then draw in geometry to define how things will fit together:

and use Trim Vectors to cut up the geometry so that it can be fit together:

and edit things so that they fit together:

Duplicate the puzzle edge and rotate it:

and drag it into alignment:

and draw in the balance of the parts needed:

and join them:


Re-create the inset:

Insetting again, and then offsetting to the outside:

Arriving at:

which may then have toolpaths set up, which requires a further bit of offsetting:

Then set up toolpaths:

which cuts as:

If desired, add tabs:

Modify the pocket toolpath to stop at the tabs:

and then add an Outside Contour toolpath to finish the cut:

which previews as:

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