Making Stands for Craft Show

I am going to participate in a Craft Show in November. Our woodworking club has a booth and 5 of us are going to show in a 15’ wide by 8’ deep booth. Each person gets about 5’ of space. I made some display stands to put our wares on and make some easels to display things on. I will make more after I give each person a sample and they tell me how many to make.

Here is the c2d file if anyone wants to make some. This is a full load of a 32" by 17.5". Just copy the sizes you want and make a new file. All the material is made from .223" plywood and the cut outs were for .25". If you want to use thinner plywood you can just pick the size pair you want and use the edit node to make the slots smaller.

group_of_easels.c2d (180 KB)

If you use my file be sure to modify it. I use bottom of material and center. So fix that to your preference.

I used a lot of blue tape and super glue to avoid all the removal of tabs. This is the biggest tape and glue project I have done. I laid the pieces out manually. I just got an advertisement about Vetric that they have a new feature that you choose a part and it will fill it with as many as you request and save space by arranging them in a lot of different directions. Looked pretty neat if you have Vetric which I do not.

Here are the display stands.

This one is a classic H with oak flooring as the shelves.

The other 3 are the classic A or ladder type using the same oak flooring as shelves.

The shelves will be the width of each person’s booth. One person is making their own. 2 of the three A frames is painted and will paint the H and last A frame tomorrow.


Here are the easels after painting. I also made some name plates for the booth participants. I carved them on the Shapeoko and painted with acrylic paint. Need to put some finish on them and put some key holes in the back so they can hang them. The little easels are perfect for holding the name signs. The name signs were just some scrap poplar left over from some cabinet face frames/doors. They are 10" x 2.5". The border was cut with a #102 and the names were cut with a 15 degree vee bit.

The largest easel is perfect for holding up a sign. This is a prototype for SFA Lumberjack team.

I got the additional icons from the sponsor today so I need to rework the design and carve it and fill with epoxy.