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Any of you experienced YouTubers (just had a vision of a sweet potato with the letters YOU carved in it) have any tips or pointers on where/how to learn how to make better videos? My first video got the job done, but it was atrocious from a look/feel standpoint. I am using OpenShot for editing, but is there a good place for tutorials on content and adding illustrations?

One of my favorite videography channels is “DSLR Guide”. He’s a young English kid who’s very thorough and makes great content. He also doesn’t have a capital P youtube personality that many seem to pull, just a passion for all things videomaking.

Another quick self test is to look deeper at your favorite content and try to emulate it for a video to see what it takes to match or come close behind the scenes. I’m a big fan of “I Like to Make Stuff”'s videos. Bob’s projects are mostly run of the mill woodworking related, but his editing is top notch (for YouTube) and I think that has played a major part in his success.

Hope this helps!

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Hi. I’m Jerry. I’m a Graphic Artist, musician and a Christian. I’m not advocating and religious or spiritual belief in this forum, but only offer my experience. I can tell you the best place to learn anything media related for free is by volunteering at some sort of modern Christian Church, They have tons of money to buy the best music, video and media creation equipment and software. They are always looking to fill these positions and often will hire and put on payroll. They have tons of professionals in every field that love to help (part of being Christian) and they will let you practice as long as you pay it forward. If your’re ever in Central California, I would love to show you some of the churches here.

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