Makita 1/8" Collets, which one to choose?

Seem like most of the stuff I’ve searched are older threads. Whats the difference between the one on the Carbide site, and the one Elaire sells? Which one should i get?

The reducing collet from Carbide 3D is a second part which fits into a 1/4" collet — if you have a good collet it’s fine (I used one for a while on my Shapeoko 1 w/ a Harbor Freight 1/4" trim router).

The Elaire Corp. collet lives up to the name “Precision Collet” and is wonderfully well made out of quality steel — I got one out of the first production batch: and liked it sufficiently to purchase a replacement 1/4" one for the stock collet as well.

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What would you recommend? I just have the stock collet that came with the router. What advantages come with a higher quality collet?


Sam, if you hop on youtube, I believe @wmoy did some testing on a “high precision” collets.

I use a cheap split-bushing style reducer from amana (cost about $15) and it’s accurate far beyond the accuracy of my machine. I also looked hard at the precision collets, but there’s no need from what I’ve seen.

Please see the test cuts at the link:

@WillAdams, I’m seeing “The requested topic does not exist” at that link.

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Here it is as a manually created link:

EDIT: Since then, Carbide 3D has begun offering collets:

which also fit in the Makita RT0701/0700 and Elaire Corp. has collets for the Makita RT0701/0700 which fit in the Carbide Compact Router for folks who want more sizes and don’t wish to get the ER-11 Carbide Compact Router.

Nice. Thanks @WillAdams