Makita Compact router question

Has anyone bought a 1/8" collet for the Makita compact router? It comes with a 1/4" collet insert I need a 1/8" collet insert. The Makita USA website sells one but it specifically states it’s for a drywall cutter. Plus their collet is pretty cheap looking.

Anyone using this router? At a recent woodworking show in Novi, Michigan I saw another brand CNC demo using this router and it appeared to be much quieter than the DeWalt.

Suggestions for buying a collet?

This is the one I bought. It is really nice.

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I have the one which @baaja recommended — it’s been a standard since JPeterG over on the Shapeoko forums commissioned a custom run of them:

The one complaint I’ve seen of them is sometimes the slit will be off-center — they have a good satisfaction guarantee, so one should feel comfortable ordering from them.

Since then, I’ve also replaced my stock 1/4" collet w/ an Elaire precision one, and the difference in the quality of the part is palpable.

Can confirm. got a 1/8th from elaire corp as well and it works great. Do have to say I feel like i have to tighten quite a bit more than the stock 1/4th but i’ve never had a problem with it. And they were pretty quick. Ordered the same time as bits from the carbide store and it beat them by a week.

Thank you all, I just ordered one from Elaire…

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