Makita Router Heat

On some recent jobs I’ve run, noticing that my makita, and the AL mount, get HOT. I can touch it, but wouldn’t want to hold on. No hugely long jobs (~30min) and not fully enclosed. Granted it’s pushing 90 in my garage, but still.

I’ve never bothered to really check the router in the past, anybody think this is cause for alarm (or not?)

And an interesting addendum: my random grbl board lockups are back now as well. No changes since I resolved those issues months back. Perhaps worn brushes?

Worn brushes will spark and create heat. Aluminum particulate is very damaging to the brushes, so if you cut a lot of that, the brushes will wear out fast. Additionally, dust can get pulled in to the router body and clog the cooling channels. I’d say you should pull the thing apart and clean it out, replace the brushes, and maybe look at the sock method to prolong your brush life Really? On Saturday morning?

Bugger, just took things apart, nice and clean, plenty of wear left on the brushes. Maybe the 80% humidity?

Could be a bearing going bad or something.

I can’t imagine it would run too hot to hold, it is intended for hand-held use after all.

What happens when you unplug and hand-spin the unit, does it spin smoothly? Not too easily but not with much difficulty either?

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Yep, spins cleanly - no horrible noises. Under power it also sounds just fine. I ran it up to speed sitting on it’s side with no bit for a while and it got pretty warm, but not the “hot” it did under cutting load.

I had this same issue when I installed my first dust boot, poorly designed by me. I had it too high and it was slowing the air through the router.
Without the boot the router is warm after thirty minutes of full speed and much hotter at the lowest speed for the same thirty minutes. It seems pulling more amps causes more heat.

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spare router would sort it out, I also suspect arcing or bearings, maybe airflow… if you were pushing the router too fast you would likely be skipping the belts and messing up your work before you put enough load on the router to heat it up… I just did the brushes I both mine and nothing was getting hot, just some crackling sounds for the last day or two and eventually they wouldn’t start. 90 is hot but our shop is 80 and running machines 8hrs at a shot no heat issues… I don’t use dust boots just blow them off with compressed air and have a hood nearby for the airborne dust

I’m starting to think the heat issue is the dust boot clamping too tightly… not a 1:1 correlation, but close… It was also much cooler today and things seemed happier. Hm.

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