Manual Jog breaks down after using Fast distance setting

Was trying to measure some safe limits for travel on my machine. I used the Fast distance setting to manually jog to the left. When I went to go to the right, the “Busy” box at the top of CM flashed but nothing happened. This happened whether using arrows on my keyboard or clicking the X+ button with the mouse. I could also jog towards me, but when I tried away from me Y+ the same thing happened - nothing.

After a while trying back and forth it eventually just jogged all the way to the home. I haven’t had any issues moving Z or X +/- if I’m using a distance smaller than fast.

All my jobs are running fine with no issues. Maybe my machine, like me, doesn’t like jogging fast.

Anybody have a similar issue/resolution?

I would check how the the X/Y axis feel by hand when the machine is powered off - ensure there’s nothing mechanical causing binding. Check that everything is lubricated properly. Have a look at the motor wiring connectors to make sure they are secure - also ensure they do not get strained or pushed around by enclosure walls or vac hose/etc.

I recently had a strange experience with my X-axis seemingly to bind while Fast jogging it across yet it felt fine when I pushed it by hand. Turned out my vac hose was pushing against the wiring connector randomly - which explained why it wouldn’t do it all the time. Once I zip tied the X-xis connector under a cable guard so it was secure & protected, the apparent random binding vanished.

I had issues related to the Rapid Position buttons, and managed (after a considerable effort) to convince support that they are real.

From my bug report:

I turn on my Nomad 3, connect to it from CM, and initialize the machine. After the full initialization cycle, I go into “rapid position” and click “C” for center.
Instead of going to the center, the machine goes to the upper right corner, bumps against the X limit switch and displays the message shown in the screenshot.
I would expect it to go to the center instead.

There is something wrong with the current Rapid Position code in CM. I’m not sure if it’s related to what you are seeing, but you asked about people having similar issues, and that seems similar.

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