Marquetry Mountain Scene

I know it’s not done on the Shapeoko, but I’m starting to get really into marquetry.

This is getting ready for the glue up. It’s 20”x30”.


Maybe I’ll make a picture frame for it on the CNC


There are several people that posted about making puzzles. The puzzles work best if you draw each piece and do an offset and cut them out. If you try to cut the puzzle out a single piece the pieces do not fit together. I have seen several intarsia projects done on the cnc and they work well also. The marquetry is very similar to the intarsia so search for the intarsia if you are interested in cutting your marquetry on the cnc. I have all the saws and tape and cutting tools and have done some marquetry but since getting the Shapeoko I usually do inlays or fill the inlay with epoxy.

Nice looking marquetry in your project. It takes a lot of concentration to do big marquetry projects.

Woodworking has a lot of disciplines and they are all fun.

Edit: Here are a few pictures of a jig I made to cut veneer for some compact wallets.

This was used on my 2" spacing spoilboard.

Here is just the jig.

Here are the cutout wallets.

Here are the finished wallets. The elastic is to hold folding money and the inside hold your drivers license and credit cards. I made them for my grandson and his girl friend to use when they went out or to concerts.

The idea came from a magazine article.

Although the compact wallets are not marquetry it is similar.

Here are all thee component parts of the compact wallets.


Thanks for the info and those wallets are really cool! I’ll check out intarsia again. I’ve looked into it, but the beveled edges always made me scratch my head on how to do it.

The final product turned out ok, I got heavy on the glue and had to do an emergency salvage. In the end, pretty pleased.


Like a lot of things, better to have it when you need it than not have it and need it. Glue is a funny thing. You can have too much and it seems a mess but use too little and eventually your pieces fall apart.

I have always had a bowl of water with a couple of sponges in the shop. I wipe off excess glue squeeze out. Some say to wait til it gums up but on marquetry you could scrape the veneer off. So I wipe it several times wringing out the sponge several times. If my water gets too polluted I just throw it out and refill the bowl.

One issue with glue squeeze out is it can ruin your finish. If I suspect glue on the surface I wipe the surface with mineral spirits and you can see if there is any glue residue left over. Wait for the mineral spirits to dry and sand more in that area.

Beautifully done! Would you mind listing all the types of wood that you used?

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