Matching F360 estimated times with CM

Has anyone looked at how to bridge the gap between time estimates?

If I had to guess it’s probably an issue of setting max feedrates in F360 for my machine so F360 knows the time penalty for travels? F360 says ETA 35 minutes, CM is 1h35m!

F360 is programmed for commercial CNC machines. If you notice the tools are set to run faster than Carbide machines. I haven’t played with the tool speeds & feeds to tell if this would make a difference in F360 calculations or not.

So it turns out it might actually be a CM thing on the estimate. F360 was pretty close!

How do you have F360 setup to run Carbide 3D? Are there special settings?

You define a machine in F360 and in doing so you tell F360 some travel speeds/limits so it can predict how long your ops will take.

How do you find out the travel speed limits? is this listed in MDI $$?

I just get my times from Fusion360, cause…(F360 = 55min, CM (says) 4min).

I think the wiki has the default limits posted for the SO3, dunno if SO4 has updated limits that I should check actually.

Thank you but I just received an SPXXL. May not be the same?

I have a Pro as well. I’m not sure if they are the same or not, but I can imagine they very well could be - these are just maximum travel speeds which is more a function of the belts and steppers, miles above your cutting speeds.

It doesn’t. I have changed everything in my profile from custom tools and machine profiles to the post processor. CM and F360 still don’t agree. Also CM under estimates how long it will run.

I too have noticed that. As it runs it seems to add minutes.

I would guess F360 should be close, although I don’t think F360 considers acceleration for moves, and that’s where a desktop CNC will likely be much much different then a “big boy” CNC, with desktop CNC acceleration being much slower and thus potentially having an impact on run times with the more direction changes you have.

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I have found F360 to be quite optimistic on toolpaths and CM to be much closer to the actual time.

As my toolpaths have more direction changes or small moves the error grows in both with the actual time extending beyond either estimate, but F360 diverging fastest.

Adaptive clearing odd shapes in metals is a particular issue, also anything that retracts on the HDZ Fusion has no idea how slow the Z axis is on the HDZ Shapeoko.

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FYI here’s a dump from SOPro on the latest CM flashing default settings.


You can compare the output and what the values mean with Shapeoko 3 - Default GRBL Settings - Carbide 3D


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