Material thickness for engraving

Hi guys

What is the minimum sheet thickness for brass, copper, and aluminum for engraving? I have a small project and need to buy some material, so I would like to hear about your experience. Thanks

Minimum sheet thickness is related to how deep of a mark you wish to make and the size of the project — stuff becomes floppy if too large, is disproportionately thick if too small — what are you making and how will it be used?

I am making a picture of the horizon, which will be engraved into the wood. But I don’t want to carve the names of the peaks straight into wood because it doesn’t look nice; it is too big. So I decided to make small labels from brass or copper sheets, engrave the names there, and put them into milled pockets. So every tag will be maybe 2" wide and 1" high. I plan to fill the marks with black paint for contrast and seal labels with resin or polymer to avoid oxidation.

I would source 1" wide brass bar stock — the stuff used for drag engraving is typically ~0.75mm thick — depending on the scale of the work and how deeply you wish to cut to make a visible mark, you might want thicker material.

I found a 0.032" thick brass sheet for a reasonable price, so I’ll try this one. Thanks for your response.