Material Waste Calculator

So I come across the question how much will something cost, now I can estimate machine time and labor within CC and based on other projects, but what I cannot do is determine a estimate for a items weight for shipping.

When I’m going to build something again and again say with a bench for example I run all my required cuts through cut list optimizer which will tell me a % of wasted material for each board and overall. Also gives a list of which cuts are done for each board.

So not trying to get too difficult it would be nice just to have the surface % detected from vectors. This way say if we regularly use a certain stock material size we can calculate the % of material used for project and take this from the stock material base weight to easily determine a good estimate. You might even be able to add material weight into this feature to automatically do the math for users.

Since we will be taking more material out at least our quote won’t be too low. Leaving room on the table for shipping charges to be lowered. Which would only make the customer happy.

I think I would probably use this feature almost everyday. I often just make a blank and weigh. Sometimes the orders don’t go through based on shipping charges alone. This would save valuable time and precious materials.


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