Max File Size for MeshCAM

I’m trying to import a very large stl file into MeshCAM with topographical data for a large area. It’s 12 of the largest segments allowed from that I’ve assembled together in Meshmixer. The file size is 2.3Gb and I’m having trouble importing the stl into MeshCAM. I was able to import two sections with a file size of about 370Mb however. Does anyone know if there is a file size limit that I should be shooting for? @Randy perhaps?

Update: The initial stl file had 47 million faces with a file size of 2.3Gb. I used Meshlab to simplify the model down to 8.8 million faces with a file size of 430Mb before MeshCAM would accept the stl. I’m guessing that the binary stl file size limit is about 500Mb or 10 million faces.

I forget the hard-coded limit but I think it’s on the order of 10 million triangles.