Max spindle weight


I’m thinking about upgrading my spindle to 4kw or 6kw.

Therfore I’m wondering what ther weight limits might be.

S3, hdz

Thanks Michael

4 to 6 KW on a HDZ SO3 with v-wheels? :astonished:

What spindle are you currently using and what do you plan on cutting that needs 4 to 6 KW?

I have a 2.2 KW + HDZ and it’s more than enough for my v-wheeled SO3.


Yea, the wheels are problematic. I thougt about replacing them with linear rails.

Aluminum is what I do right now, but in the rest of my shop I use SS305 and 3.7164 quite frequently. While Ti is quite unlikely something I’d do on a S3, 305 would be very handy.


I suspect the SO3, even with linear rail conversion, might not be rigid enough for a 4 or 6 KW spindle. You will probably run into deflection issues I guess.


Thanks for that input. Saved me quite some money.



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