Max VCarve depth

Is there a way to know what the maximum depth a VCarve is going to reach? I can generate the gcode and load into GSender which will tell me, but it would be great if I can see this in CC. For example, I have a large letter C and have assigned a VC toolpath with D set to Stock Bottom. GSender tells me that the Mimimum Z value is -3.987mm. If CC was able to tell me this I might decide to change my design to use an Advanced VCarve with a Max Depth of 2mm

The attached image shows what I am seeing.

Determine the widest area which needs to be cut, then either do the trigonometry to determine the necessary depth, or draw the tool up in profile and do a Boolean intersection w/ a triangle which matches the tool and a rectangle which is that wide.

That’s one way of doing it! I already use a spreadsheet to do the trig for max depth for a given width / width for a given depth. I thought a right-click / show toolpath features might be a nice idea as I would have thought that info might be available after “calculating toolpath” is complete.

How do I easily determine the widest area that needs to be cut? Do I need to draw a small rectangle and place this alongside the widest area?

I think I’ll just stick with generating the gcode and loading into gSender - or maybe I’ll try and write a short grep script to pull out the minimum Z from the file.

Another work around that may or may not be very accurate. In Job Setup, as long as Zero Height is set to Top of stock, reduce the Stock Thickness until simulation shows cutting all the way through the stock. I like the script idea for accuracy.

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I usually draw up a circle the diameter of the V endmill and drag it around a design to verify that things will fit if this sort of thing becomes an issue.

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