Maximum material width for XXL

Hi, I know the machine width and cutting width, but what is the widest piece of material that I can stick in the machine? Thanks!

The X-axis extrusion is 40" long — the nuts on the plates intrude a bit into the interior space, so it’s a bit less than that by them.

37.5" or so.

Keep in mind that @WillAdams answer is exactly what you asked for, but that’s different than what’s the largest material you can cut, or the largest material that can be clamped into the cutting area.

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Yes, that is different than the 33" cutting area.

Thank You, appreciate the info. I couldn’t find that anywhere else.

You can hang stuff off the sides and tile as well.

Actually, it should have been 39.5" or so — for some reason I blanked on adding the 2" for the tape measure case.


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