MC Etcher has a friend. Introducing McFly

We’re pleased to announce we now have our first 1" surfacing bit available.

I’ve been playing with mine for a couple of months now. I love it, really chews through hard woods with ease.


How come 8mm is recommended for ER11 spindles? 8mm ER11 collets are quite unusual, while 1/4" collets are much easier to come by.

It’s an option — the 8mm tooling is a lot more rigid than 6.35mm.

I got a set of ER-11 collets, incl. 8mm from Maritool and they’re widely available.

8mm collets are also available for the Carbide Compact Router/Makita RT0701:

Whether or no a given machine/spindle/router can take full advantage of the greater rigidity is a separate discussion, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Yup, can attest to 8mm being another level above 1/4, and a Router can run 8mm tooling with great results.

I see the note about not running metal, has anyone tried? lol


Is this too much for the Nomad to handle?

Yep, this is a Shapeoko-only cutter.


Why is it that every time I put together an order from Carbide3D, within two days a new product comes out that I want?


Next time just delay your order by 2 days and let everyone know that something new must be coming out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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With free shipping on that item, there’s no penalty to put another order in.


It’s a bit misleading to show "PRICE: From $ 45.00 USD when that’s just for the spare blades! You can’t buy the cutter for that!

Unless you’re in the UK!

True, but my selection would be different because of budgeting.

Would you run this bit over epoxy-filled boards (like the dreaded trivets!)?

That’s a limitation of Shopify (one of MANY). We need to split the blades into a different product so it won’t be shown as the minimum price. We didn’t want to fool around with that on launch day so we could get it released during the sale but we’ll probably do that in the next week or so.

@Luke ??


Thank you for explaining that, Rob.

@robgrz You should add a key feature to the description, as it appears to be Bitsetter compatible. For spoil board resurfacing the Bitsetter still may need to be moved out of the way, but not for surfacing regular stock.


Please buy more stuff and maybe the next product release will be the HDZ Pro 5.0. :grinning:

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