Mc Etcher taking forever

Can someone help me understand why the etch is taking FOREVER!!! The etch actually looks pretty good, however the simulation was just over 3 hours. And I’m currently sitting at 5 and I don’t think its anywhere near done. Attached is the file. I’m very new to both CNC and etching but I have never had something blow this far past what the software said it would take. Thanks in advance for the help

drag bit LSSB.c2d (356 KB)

Also, I’m very open to suggestions if I’m doing something wrong in my settings. Don’t need to ruin this thing after only a couple of uses. Thanks

Minimize retract height, maximize stepover to get an acceptable result, maximize plunge and feedrates. Test engrave a small section on scrap while tweeking the above parameters. Also, be sure a crosshatch is necessary for the look you want. Eliminating crosshatch will save significant time. Plunge rate likely has no impact on result. Feedrate can depending on material.

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Is there a reason why the estimate time for completion was way shorter than what this is actually taking? Just hit almost 7 hours. More than double the estimated time

Which versions of Carbide Create and Carbide Motion are you using?

At one time, there was a version of one or the other which didn’t include retract heights in time estimates.

Unfortunately, the two programs currently use different algorithms to estimate the time, and are often divergent.

Carbide motion: build 566
Carbide create Pro: build 726

IS there a way to lower the retraction height that was taking quite a bit of time. I have never had anything take that long past what create has estimated. All in all I think it took 8 hours

Retract height is set in Carbide Create in Job Setup:

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