MC Etcher to cut glass

Could you use MC Etcher to score glass so that it can then be broken along the score lines - as in stained glass?

In theory, yes, but my guess is the score will be too light.
I really should try this since I work in a glass shop! It’s just much faster to score with a carbide wheel and snap.
The only advantage I see is the accuracy of the score line, but for most jobs +/- 1/16 is close enough.

So, give it a try. My guess is run the bit over a few times to try and get a deeper score line.
With the carbide wheel this is never a good idea so I am not sure how the diamond will react, might ruin the drag bit quickly.

I’ve engraved (scored) mirrors with a diamond bit (120deg) with great results. I have no doubt the mark would be deep enough for cutting with one pass, although I have not tried this myself - contemplated it though!

You will need to be sure your diamond is not damaged by passing the bit over the edge of the glass at the start and end of the ‘cut’.

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DO NOT run your diamond drag engraver past/over the edge of the glass, the diamond might fracture or get knocked off the holder.

Been there, done that, not doing it again.


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