MC Etcher Tool Path & Depth of cut

I am planning on using the MC Etcher to etch letters with my 3XL and a piece of black anodized aluminum. The material is 1/32 in thick.
I was wondering which tool path I should use and what I should set for depth of cut.
Also should I purchase the 120 degree or 90 version. The letters are about 3/16 in tall.


The McEtcher will scratch the surface. Here is what the default McEtcher tool lists as the default parameters.


The McEtcher is spring loaded so it will move the Z down 0.015" per pass and the spring can be adjusted to press harder to less depending on how hard your surface is. So start with a depth of 0.015" to see if that will get the scratch pattern you want. That will require a test to see how much tension you need to scratch the surface of your project. The 120 degree is recommended for larger lettering and pictures. The 90 is recommended for finer lines. You could order both but if you want just one then get the 90.

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I use that material quite a bit and found the engraving toolpath with the 120º bit and a cut depth of .020" works well. With the Fill enabled .008" step over is my goto.

Thanks everyone for all the great info. I will use this advise when I get started.