Mcfly cutter not fitting

So I bought the upgraded ER-11 router with my shapeoko and also bought the relevant collets as well as the Mcfly #603E for the ER-11 but it doesn’t seam to fit. I don’t want to go my usual beat it into submission route on a $90 cutter. What am I missing?


Where did you get the 8mm ER-11 collet from?

Please use a pair of calipers to measure the collet and see what the manufacturer says.

(my #603e fit fine in both of my 8mm collets, plus the shaft of my Mafell FM 1000 WS and measures 7.99mm in a pair of cheap digital calipers)

Bought it all at once from carbide3d. Looking at my order I can’t figure out what I got wrong. Bought every option I could think of.
From my order:
C3D604E. McFly Surfacing Cutter - #604E Replacement Inserts (Qty 4)
C3D603E. McFly Surfacing Cutter - #603E 8mm
CCR-ER11-110 Carbide ER-11 Compact Router
COLLET-CCR Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router

I don’t think the “Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router” are for the “Carbide ER-11 Compact Router”.

If they look like this they are wrong:

The need to look like this:

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It looks like the ER-11 C3D router and the precision collet kit (incorrect collets for the application for the reason Gerry pointed out) only come with .125” and .250” collets. You’ll have to source an 8mm ER-11 collet to use the 603E McFly.


Yeah I have a set of the ER-11 collets and they still don’t work. The shaft of the Mcfly cutter is larger then 1/4 inch. I need to measure it.

It’s all there in the description (8mm) so you will need an 8mm ER11 collet.
There is a #602E on the C3D shop which is 1/4" which will fit in a 6.35mm ER11 collet.


As noted, at this time we do not stock an 8mm collet option.

You need to get an 8mm collet, options are:

I have both of the above, and both fit my 8mm McFly (and other 8mm tooling — also the odd 5/16" Imperial tool)

Thanks. Didn’t realize that it didn’t come as part of the collet kit. I’ve ordered what you said.

Thank you,

I got mine from stepcraft and it works fine for me but it did take a little bit to get here. I don’t know if their US rep sells them. Just another option.

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Thanks. I have one on the way. Just frustrating that carbide3d doesn’t carry them. Just an incomplete solution. Part of it is that I’m completely new to the space so my fault.

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